Juniper-J Therapies
Jan McLaughlan DipPH MNCP


Emotional Freedom Techniques,

Life coaching

Using a personalised combination of Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and E.F.T., I quickly get to the root cause of your problem – however it manifests - and clear the disruptions in your subconscious energy field that stop you from living the life you truly want and deserve.

You will be taught techniques that you can use as and when you need them; empowering you to take control and manage life in a way that allows you to pursue the path most suited to you.

These methods have been shown to work where many other therapies have failed; particularly where the patterns of behaviour are deeply rooted.

Using E.F.T. and Life Coaching to complement my hypnotherapy techniques I can help with:
Weight Loss

Stop Smoking

Stress and Anxiety

Self Esteem



Fears and Phobias





Creativity.. ..

The list goes on..... call me today to discover how I can help YOU

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