Juniper-J Therapies
Life Coaching

Life coaching will establish what you want to achieve.

You can get clear about what you want to do/change/achieve in your life and I will give you the unbiased support to achieve your aims.

Sometimes life's problems are simply resolved by an objective perspective - sometimes....

In my experience when you ask for advice - you either know the answer and are looking for confirmation or -  you really need to look at things from a completely new angle.

No matter what your situation is I can give you a new perspective.

Together we can look at what it is you REALLY want to achieve - and there will be awkward questions - and then together plan the best way to get the results you are looking for.

The format for our interaction will involve a deep analysis of your desired outcome - and I will ask very pertinent questions to ensure that we are really aiming for the correct target.  I will spend a good measure of time ensuring that your aim is true as I believe that to engage your passion is the quickest route to achieving your desired outcome.

Once the target is identified we will then proceed to breaking the process down into manageable steps.  We will establish a time frame into which we will insert, in order of importance and in line with the process, the tasks needed to be completed within specific time parameters.

You will have my unswerving, committed support for all that we have agreed throughout the process.  .

Areas where I have had most success with this approach:-

Relationships - romantic, business and family

Small and Medium size Business

Self Employment

Work/life Balance

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